Monster High Deuce Gorgon Doll

Monster High Deuce Gorgon Doll Monster High Deuce Gorgon Doll - Has Looks To Turn You To Stone 

The Monster High Deuce Gorgon Doll is the only male doll in the Monster High dolls collection (although Holt Hyde and a few other boy characters are due to be released soon). Deuce is the son of the mythical Greek demi-god Medusa (well the one in the movies anyway). She had a piercing look and a head full of snakes. Deuce has a few passing resemblances to his mom too but still looks pretty cool and stylish.

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More on the Monster High Deuce Gorgon Doll

As already mentioned somewhere else on this site, Deuce Gorgon generally comes as one item with Cleo De Nile. I say item as they are boyfriend and girlfriend in the Monster High story so this seems to be the reason they come together. Maybe the makers of the dolls felt that Deuce wouldn't sell on his own so had to put him with Cleo (or maybe it was the other way round).

The Monster High Deuce Gorgon Doll differs slightly from the other dolls given his gender. He is taller than the other dolls (not much...he is 11 inches and the others are 10.5). Also he doesn't have long hair that can be combed. His hair is molded plastic like the rest of the doll.

Other than that, he has the Monster High look. The head is out of proportion with the rest of his body and most of the detail centers around his head and features. His hair is green in color and even looks like scales that you might expect on a snake. He has a few small snakes at the front, a bit like tufts of hair. This look is a bit like his Mom's hairstyle.

She had a whole head full of snakes that were constantly hissing and writhing around (must have been pretty annoying after a while, especially if you were trying to get to sleep). Deuce's snake hair is a little more conservative – the snakes are tiny and don't interfere with his neatly cropped cut on the sides and back of his head.

Another trait that he may have inherited from his Mom is his lurid green snake eyes. He also has a tattoo that looks like green scales on his arm too.

He looks very trendy and well dressed. He wears some red shades on top of his head but constantly has to cover his eyes with them or he will turn people to stone (another thing he inherited from his mom). 

He likes to wear skater fashions, including skater shoes and hoodies. The doll also comes with a red top, black pants and a sleeveless jacket. He has a few accessories to really look the part too. Another accessory that he is often seen with is his pet rat Perseus.  

The Monster High Doll has a fully articulated body so that you can bend it into most positions, like standing, sitting running and things like that. It comes with the Cleo De Nile doll and includes the two pets, a brush and two diaries.  

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